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2011 Fortune Global 500 now available.

2011 Fortune 500 now available

2011 Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for now available



What formats are the Databases available in?
Databases are available via download in Microsoft Excel file format (files are created in Microsoft Excel 5.0/95). The file formats are compatible with both PC and Macintosh platforms. FORTUNE 500 and FORTUNE 1000 products contain macros and you may need to work with your system administrator to accommodate.

Can the database information be imported?
The Databases can be used immediately in most leading spreadsheet, database, and contact management programs. You can use the files in Excel, Lotus, Act!, Access, Palm Pilot, or any spreadsheet or database program that can import Excel files.

When are the Databases updated?
FORTUNE Databases are comprehensively updated in concurrence with the annual publication of the appropriate list in FORTUNE Magazine.

FORTUNE 500 and FORTUNE 1000
The current FORTUNE 500 and FORTUNE 1000 were published in the May 3, 2011 issue of FORTUNE Magazine and contain company financial data for the fiscal year ended on or before January 31, 2011.

FORTUNE Global 500
The current FORTUNE Global 500 was published in the July 25,2011 issue of FORTUNE Magazine and contains company financial data for the fiscal year ended on or before March 31, 2011.

How does FORTUNE compile a list? What criteria have to be met?
All U.S.-based public and private companies that file all or parts of their financial results with a government agency are eligible for the FORTUNE 1000 and the Global 500. Companies are then ranked according to revenue. Subsidiaries of foreign companies incorporated in the U.S. are excluded from the FORTUNE 1000.

Do you offer a list that extends beyond the FORTUNE 1000 companies (i.e., 1000-2000 companies)?
We do not currently offer a list of companies beyond the FORTUNE 1000 list. Our products are based on our lists as published in FORTUNE magazine.

Do you offer your list categorized by industry only? By state?
The 2011 version is enhanced with easy sort buttons and market-sizing tools so that with the press of a button you can customize your research to fit your needs. While we do not offer a list specifically categorized by city, state, or industry, all of our Databases are presented in excel worksheets, making the data easy to sort and analyze.

Do you offer historical lists?
Please e-mail us at for information about our historical database offerings.

Do FORTUNE databases include information on company subsidiaries or other company locations?
The financial information listed is on the company as a whole and contact information is for corporate headquarters. There is no breakout for their subsidiaries or other offices.

How many U.S. companies are in the Global 500?
There are approximately 189 U.S. companies that appear in the Global 500 (these companies may also appear in the FORTUNE 1000 list).

Are the phone numbers and postal addresses on the lists personal or corporate? Do the lists provide e-mail addresses?
Lists include corporate headquarter phone numbers, addresses, and website information. NEW FOR 2011 - email addresses for the executive contacts have been added to the Fortune 500-1000 and 100 Best Companies to Work For. (Email addresses also appear on the Global 500 when available.)


When ordering online from the FORTUNE Datastore, how can I be sure that my credit card number is secure?
We use three distinct technologies to provide secure credit card transactions over the Internet:
VeriSign certificates.This confirms our identification.
SSL communication to your browser.This encrypts all private information being sent to us from you.
CyberCash secure backend processing.This allows us to communicate your transaction to our bank as securely as possible.

At no time is your credit card at risk of being observed over the Internet.

How will I receive a receipt for my FORTUNE Datastore purchase?
When ordering online, you will be presented with a printable receipt once the transaction has been finalized, and you will also receive an e-mail confirming the order.


How many times can I use the database for a mailing or telemarketing campaign?
You have unlimited rights to use the contact information for mailing or telemarketing purposes, but you do not have the right to forward the list to other users to or reprint the list for distribution.

Can I, or my organization, have multiple users of the Database?
If you require multiple users of the Database, contact us at for our multi-user discount program, and we will arrange a site license for your group. Please be advised that while you have unlimited rights to use the contact information for mailing or telemarketing purposes, the Database itself may only be installed on one individual's computer. Duplicate copies of the Database may NOT be made.

Can I post information from the FORTUNE Datastore on my company's website?
All of the information in FORTUNE Databases is the property of Time Inc. and cannot be used on your company's website without securing our permission. Please contact us at for permission restrictions and pricing.

Can I add information from the FORTUNE Databases to my company's existing database and re-sell it?
All of the information that comprises the Databases of the FORTUNE Datastore is the copyrighted work of FORTUNE and cannot be re-sold.

Can I use the information in my report, term paper, research brief, etc.?
You may use portions of the information contained within the Databases of the FORTUNE Datastore as long as FORTUNE is credited as follows:

Copyright 200(x) Time Inc. All rights reserved.

For commercial publication or use of substantial portions of the Databases in a work, please contact us at

Contact Information
Please contact us at

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